SciNote (UX/UI)

SciNote is a cloud-based ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook Software) web application with tools to manage lab inventory, compliance and the teams that use it FDA, USDA and scientists in more than 100 countries. The company realised that it needed to a complete revamp of the user interface and improvements to the user experience. I was invited to join the team full-time as a Senior UX/UI Designer. Later, I took on the responsibility and role of UX/UI Team Lead.

Type of cooperation
Full-time employment, onsite

My activities in the company
- analysis of the current state of the web application (UX, UI),
- workflow analysis and improvement suggestions,
- monitoring the analysis of the use of features by existing users (Pendo),
- monitoring the response and satisfaction (feedback) of existing users (UX, UI),
- designing and improving the user experience,
- design and implementation of new features and tools (UX, UI),
- design and implementation of the design system (Figma),
- design and implementation of components (UX, UI),
- implementation of a new icon family + icon font,
- redesign of the logo,
- complete design redesign of the environment and typical pages,
- market research and vision for the introduction of new technologies, improvements,
- design of typical pages and definition of UX, UI for mobile app v2,
- recruitment of UX/UI team,
- monitoring new technologies, improvement opportunities and vision.


The images on this page are intended as a representation of the approach to the solution and does not necessarily correspond in its entirety to the published version, which may still be outdated.