Robot Happybug

Happybug is a start-up story about a friendly robot that takes a child into the world of programming through adventure and fun. On their journey together, they discover the jungle, learn about the Middle Ages, save the city from fires, and have a lot of fun.

The solution consists of a Happybug robot, smart dice - commands, control panel and maps. Each cube has its own function - one command, linked together to represent a program that guides the robot around the map. Maps are interesting, instructive stories for a child with challenges, according to which the Happybug robot performs its tasks and, in the role of various heroes, learns about the meadow, jungle, medieval town and city. A wooden and child-safe control panel is used to insert commands that tell the robot the direction of movement. So the child puts together his first program.


Conceptual design, Art direction
, Map design
, Design of control panel with buttons, 
Logo design
, UX, UI