CrowdRide – Mobile app

The CrowdRide mobile app is part of a community-based transportation system technology solution. It is a controlled system of transport organization that enables fair cost sharing with the help of advanced technology. Because the passenger and driver are connected to the CrowdRide system, the transfer of PKM points is performed automatically. Purchase of PKM points is possible in the application. The user can convert the earned points into money or use them for transport with another driver.

The CrowdRide mobile app allows the driver to pick up the passenger while sharing and share transport costs with them. The system directs the passenger to the desired destination, possibly via several vehicles. It calculates the optimal route of the passenger between the vehicles by offering him the fastest option to the desired destination.

As the CrowdRide project is still in its infancy, only part of the solution is presented.


Conceptual design and Art direction, UX, UI