CVS Advanced Telematics - Corporate identity

CVS Advanced Telematics is a trademark of CVS Mobile. They are leaders in telematics systems in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Their initial problem was the 12-year-old logo, which no longer represented a high level of their services. The result is a minimalist corporate identity that expresses precision and trustworthy service.

The multilingual project consists of: logo, business card, letterhead, envelopes of various sizes, business stamps of various sizes, folder, general conditions publication, contract, sales leaflet, leaflet, mobileWEB user manual, job advertisement, device housing, various packaging, umbrella, water bottle, advertising balloon, table flag, T-shirt, polo shirt, wine label and packaging, lighter, bag, pen, neckband, fair jersey for hostesses, starting point for fair layouts, stickers for cars and trucks, flags, sliding front doors of offices, work order, various stickers for hardware, vehicle pad, license plate cover, PowerPoint presentation, TV telop, shirt and calendar.

CVS Mobile, informacijske rešitve, d.d.

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