Frequently Asked Questions

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The time of implementation depends on the complexity and scope of each project. For most projects, we usually recommend enough time to ensure the best results of research, creativity and execution.

Our process goes something like this:
demand → meeting → offer → confirmation and signing of contract → 1st part of payment transfer → start of project → research → strategy and conceptualization → design → presentation of typical elements and possibility of additional changes → confirmation → implementation of all elements and environment → presentation → confirmation → realization → public announcement / delivery of the final product → Part 2 of the payment transfer → support.

Of course! Collaboration and communication can also be seamlessly remotely via video call, telephone conversation and e-mail. But if you are nearby, it is definitely nice to meet live and shake hands.

Most likely yes, but the field of work is not important, as we adapt our skills, research and work processes to the needs and industry of the client.

After the full payment of the amount, the client becomes the owner of the visual elements with which we designed the project, and the contractor remains the owner of the combination of these elements. This ensures the design whole and its functionality, and the client has an exclusive and permanent license until its use.

If the client requests otherwise, it is possible to transfer all copyrights, including material copyrights, the right to use, reproduce and reproduce, which is charged extra. After that, the user can do whatever he wants with the solution.

In any case, the contractor has the right to publish the solution on its website and to cite it as a reference in other media, unless the solution is a business secret, which is further defined in the contract.

Content entry is primarily the client's domain, but we can agree to take over this work, which we charge extra. If the volume of content is large, we offer a package price, otherwise we charge according to the agreed hourly rate.

There are two solutions. Thematic photographs can be purchased at affordable prices in paid photo libraries, but if the project requires a more professional approach to order, we can order a photographer (external contractor).

We only take on as many projects at a time as we can carry out. This is how we provide our customers with our attention.
Send us an inquiry and we will agree on an appropriate date.

Of course. The answers to frequently asked questions are intended for a basic presentation of our work with clients. In this way, we present important guidelines in a simple way and explain the basic concepts. If you are interested in anything else, please contact us. We will be happy to respond and do our best to offer you an effective solution within the agreed timeframe.