About me

I connect business needs with customer needs, creating teams and products that solve real problems in a scalable way, enabling growth and good sales. From strategy to execution. I am based in Ljubljana.

Why work with me?


  • I'm flexible,
  • I have more than 25 years of professional experience,,
  • I work without middlemen, directly with the client,
  • I work transparently, following a step-by-step and proven project validation protocol, from start to finish,
  • I solve problems for those who bring you money,
  • I am fully committed to creating a solution for each project,
  • I accept as much work as I can give my full attention to,
  • I care about the final solution and I care about your results,
  • I want your business to grow.  Check the services.

Our experience and cooperation with brands and companies

University of Ljubljana - Veterinary Faculty / Silgan / NIL group / Thule / SciNote / Veterinary Chamber / Vzajemna health insurance company / CVS Mobile / KF Finance / eIUS - Vep.si / Ilirija / Avtotehna / Ministry of Public Administration / Delo / Marg / Regeneracija / Jabolko.org / Cisco / Renault Nissan / Mercedes-Benz / IteraSpace / IAM (Institute and Academy for Multimedia) ... več na CV.

Who I offer solutions to

I offer solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, B2B and B2C companies, startups, associations and organisations, entrepreneurs.