Corporate Identity

Corporate identity guidelines are a powerful system to support the visual identity of your brand. They contain instructions and rules that specify the design guidelines for all areas of visual media through which the company communicates with customers. We develop systems that support your brand and its use at every point. From fonts and colors to the use of photographs.

What do you get when you buy a corporate identity guidelines?

  • A strategy that is a must for planning a solution.
  • Color system
  • Primary and secondary definition of typography
  • Logo
  • Communication materials (business card, letterhead, envelope, business folder, leaflet, contract, invoice,…)
  • Packaging
  • Branding (Umbrella, T-shirt, vehicle painting, flag, USB key, bag,…)
  • Modular exhibition stands
  • e-booklet containing pictorial representations of solutions and descriptions
  • Files

The size of the corporate identity depends on the number of communication media that the company or brand needs. Each offer is tailored to the requirements and needs of each client.