Kako stranki zaračunati logotip in druge oblikovalske storitve

Oblikovalec razloži, kako stranki zaračunati logotip in druge oblikovalske storitve.

Creative Doubt: the necessary evil of creativity

Doubt is the necessary evil of creativity. We all doubt our photography, we all doubt the work we…

Abstract: The Art of Design – Netflix’s latest must-watch documentary

Netflix has announced the launch of its new documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design.

Ed Templeton, the skateboarder and contemporary artist

Edward Templeton is a professional skateboarder, skateboard company owner, and contemporary artist. One of my skateboard role models…

Animated Vintage Book Covers

A series of 55 animated vintage book Covers.

Faye Halliday And Her Animal Doodles

Faye Halliday and her Doodles.

What is Spec Work and why you shouldn’t work for free?

In the design world Spec Work is short for Speculative Work and it basically means: “Working for Free”….

If Jesus had a marketing team

An awesome self-promotion commercial created by 1one Production. They are featuring the “never-seen before original footage of the…

PIXXXEL: pixelated girls by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is an advertising photographer and this is his PIXXXEL project.